Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best Twitterer

His tweets are nonstop positive:

And he loves the troops:

And he spells out hashtag, which is awesome:


"Starr and his business partner, Mary Alford, sought to create a white counterpart act. Auditions were held around Boston, at which some five hundred teenaged boys auditioned. Among them was 15-year-old Donnie Wahlberg, who immediately impressed Starr and Alford with his rapping skills, dancing ability and showmanship, becoming the group's first member."

So cool.

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And now Donnie is on the best show on television, Blue Bloods.

He has a cool-as-shit lady cop partner.

And he loves his family so much!

And Tom Selleck just GETS IT.

And John Turturro's brother's in it.

I hope this show runs for a hundred years.

Remember How Donnie Was On Boomtown?

When Boomtown came out, at first I couldn't watch it, because when my BFF was a kid her dad told her to call taking a poop "making a boom". That's awesome, obviously. But it made me not be able to take Boomtown seriously. (I also couldn't listen to that song that was like "Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room.")

ANYWAY, when Tower Records went out of business I got the whole Boomtown series DVDs for SO CHEAP. Then I watched it and boy was I missing out! It's all Rashomon style, and there's a drunk Irishman, and last but not least there's motherfucking DONNIE WAHLBERG just crushing it every episode.

Such a good show.

Best News

This dude gets it